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The Benefits of Summer Massage & Hydration

May 30th, 2012 • Posted by David Cox • Permalink

Recently I read an article about massage therapy during summer months. The article highlighted how much more active we become when the weather warms up and why massage and hydration are important. I could not agree more! When the weather warms up we’re making gardens, weeding, mowing – staying much more active after many months of sedentary activities indoor.

As you know, massage has so many benefits to keep your muscles, bones and tissues in good shape:

• Relieving stress, pain induced anxiety, and muscle congestion

• Improving range of motion, increasing flexibility and muscle tone

• Improving sleep patterns

• Improving metabolic waste removal and strengthening immune function

• Improving alertness

• Reducing swelling

• Encouraging faster healing time

• Relieving tension headaches

• Providing a sense of well-being

• Reducing fatigue

• Supporting white blood cell proliferation aiding our immune system

• Reducing depression

Another thing to keep in mind for summer is HYDRATION! Muscles and tissues require plenty of fluids (preferably water but milk and juices are OK too) to function properly and to avoid spasms and sprains. As we exercise or work our body hard, our muscles build up lactic acid. This is normal, but often lactic acid can become lodged within the tissues creating spasms or strains occur. Massage therapy can release these pockets of lactic acid and return muscles to their best.

Stay healthy and hydrated this summer!